Marianna & Casper's Wedding Reception

We are so happy that Caspar and Marianna choose our venue for their wedding reception. The idea behind this get together was to be a chance to celebrate the joining of their lives with all of their family and friends present, as they had eloped earlier in the year without anyone knowing! They were so laid back and charming throughout the whole thing, which made for a perfect party scene. This bride and groom are both incredibly stylish—Marianna’s dress was absolutely gorgeous!

The décor was simple and elegant; so as to not take away from the real reason everyone was there…to celebrate! We loved how the tables were covered in lush, unique florals, creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere at the reception. We later learned that they used our vendors list to pick just about everyone who helped with the reception.

The catering was done by both Pine Valley and Captain Bill’s BBQ. The guests loved every minute of it! To wash down all of the tasty foods, guest where enjoying some fresh cocktails made by local bartenders from The Butler Did It event service. They even got their cocktail tables from L&L Rentals!

Marianne and Caspar have an infectious chemistry and warm personalities, so it was fun and easy to work with them. We wish them nothing but many years of love and success in their very bright future together

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