Kim's 50th Birthday Masquerade Ball

Last week we got to celebrate Kim’s 50th birthday with a masquerade ball!

Kim is a spunky, determined, and beautiful lady, and her masquerade birthday party was nothing short of magic.

Her amazingly detailed decorations really set the mood and helped to transform our venue in to a masquerade ball! The color scheme was perfect: she had black gold and silver decor! All party guests wore masks and formal attire (yes, even us!)--it was almost like a scene from a movie.

The birthday girl herself made a start-studded entrance on the red carpet wearing a fabulous gold dress, complete with multiple rounds of applause and cheering all around. Cameras everywhere were flashing! It was an amazing thing to see and be a part of. Later, for dancing of course ;), Kim changed into a flowy white dress that enabled her to have more mobility on the dance floor.

Kim had an amazing team of Dreaming Divas that helped her create a party full of elegance, mystique and intrigue. Nearly all of her decorations were handmade and had so much detail! Behind the bar that night was Pretty Cocktails Bartending Services with bartender Sharee.

The night ended fabulously, like it should have. Everyone left wishing Kim a happy birthday and thanking her for having such a wonderful party. We're sure they'll be talking about that one for a long time!

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