Brandy & Zac

How many of you have gotten the chance to be at a St. Patrick's Day wedding? Well, we here at Events! On Front got to do just that last Saturday!

It was a gorgeous ceremony where the bride and groom wrote their own vows to each other that were fitting for both of them. You could tell that they were obviously meant for one another. There was so much love in the room that day, that it pretty much poured out of everyone in the form of tears..and even Kenyatta was close to crying!

The reason St. Patrick's day was chosen was to honor Zac's grandfather as revealed by Zac's sister and officiant of the wedding, and the ceremony was even put on hold for a bit until his grandmother arrived.

Once the ceremony was over, the kids were the first ones on the dance floor, and they pretty much were the last ones off of it--they definitely slept well that night!

Everyone was treated to a lovely Italian dinner, courtesy of Elizabeth's Pizza, and delicious cupcakes in a variety of flavors for dessert. Guests could leave a message for the newly wedded couple in the gift/message in a bottle table, bottle improvised from Fireball Whiskey ;)

Brandy and Zac were also fortunate enough to have Melissa Ulmer of Sweet Melissa Designs to plan and coordinate their wedding. She was absolutely amazing at what she did and her ideas, guys, you won't believe some of the things she came up with! Totally worth it to have her help you out.

The evening ended wonderfully, the kids tired out, friends and family celebrating and leaving with perhaps the coolest wedding favors ever, and the bride and groom heading out together, to start the rest of their lives as Mr. and Mrs. Ahrens.

Congratulations Zac and Brandy, and much love!

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