Takilla's Birthday Bash!

March has been busy!

We love it though :) This past weekend we helped Ms. Takilla celebrate turning the big 2-5, and let us tell you, did she celebrate!

Like many of the events that we have, Takilla had lots of help from her family with decorating and getting everything ready. Her mother made the best food that I think I've ever tasted, and really, words cannot describe just how good it was. There was chicken marsala, jerk chicken, turkey wings, fried chicken, rolls, corn on the cob, zesty and seafood pasta, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, green beans and more! Let's just say we may have had to waddle out of the venue that night!

The birthday girl's entrance to meet her guests was straight out of a movie premiere, all the lights were off and camera flashes everywhere. She could've been signing autographs with all that commotion go on! There was even a VIP section reserved for the birthday girl and her entourage. Super fancy indeed.

It was definitely a great way to bring in your 25th, with great food, the best tunes by Deejay Champ, loving family and of course with amazing friends.

Happy Birthday Takilla, and thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

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