Our First Surprise Birthday Party!

This past week we had our first ever surprise party here at Events! On Front!

The planning process was a fun, but interesting one. The daughter of the surprisee, Parker, lives in Texas. And for a month and a half we played phone and email tag as we were trying to plan her mother's 60th birthday party from several states away!

Parker worked really hard to keep her mother in the dark about her party. In fact, she believed that she was going to have lunch at Elijah's when she walked in the door! We totally have that moment on camera (you can check it out here, on our facebook page)!

Melony was greeted by friends from all over, and believe me, they traveled far and wide to give her the best gift of all--their love for her. It was so beautiful! One of the best parts of the day was when 2 of Melony's childhood friends told stories of all their adventures together growing up, and providing pretty amazing visuals to go along with it.

Mussers' BBQ provided the food and it was soooooo good! Now, I am a huge fan of BBQ and they sure did it justice. Apple Annie's provided the birthday cake. It was chocolate goodness filled with even more chocolate. I think everyone went into a nice sugar coma afterwards!

It was a great day for love, family and celebrating and we here at Events! are so glad that we could be there to help. Happy Birthday Melony!!

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