To plug in, or to not plug in?

Technology is ever changing nowadays. It seems like there is literally almost no where you can go without running into some form of a tech device that is a central part to pretty much existing. Thanks to the rise of social media sites such as instagram, facebook, pinterest, and the like--it seems that people's whole lives are put out on display for all the world to see.

So that beg's the question: is there anything sacred anymore?

With the rise of camera phones being accessible to almost everyone on the planet, there as also been a trend where guests at special events have their eye on getting the best shots, even if it means becoming a huge distraction. There have been many a horror story from brides and grooms about how guests push and shove, sometimes even the wedding photographers to get their perfect shot. How crazy is that?!

Now, we here at Events! On Front are not of the opinion that social media is horrible, only that in some respects, there is a time and a place. What are your thoughts?

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