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As you all may know already, we helped the wonderful Sarakay and Johnny celebrate their wedding this past Friday (pictures can be found here and here). They came to us only a couple of months ago after their first venue fell through, and since then we here at Events! On Front vowed that Sarakay and Johnny would have the best wedding ever.

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous! Sarakay managed to do all of the decorations herself and she had everything planned to a 't'. She is literally Superwoman.

The wedding cake was fabulously done by Chee-ze Plea-ze CheeseCake & Desserts and the food was provided by RuckerJohns of Wilmington NC. And it was amazing! Since Johnny (the groom) worked for them, he had friends in both the service and ceremony so they could all enjoy the wedding together.

The best part (it was all the best part, but....) was seeing Sarakay and Johnny's little boy being pulled down the aisle in a bright red wagon. It was too cute!!!! So, of course we got video of it :)

It's always wonderful to see family and friends getting together and bring so much love and support into one place. And on this past Friday, Events! On Front was filled to the brim with it. Congratulations and lots of love to Sarakay, Johnny and Little Johnny. We hope your Disney trip is everything you want and more!

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